Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Things are happening really quickly now. I'm fully mobile with no restrictions, and that has opened up all kinds of new things. I'm getting better at the transitions to and from the wheelchair, and as I get stronger and more flexible, I can do more activities like stretching myself and moving around on the mat or in bed. This means I'm getting ever-closer to independence.

The tasks now are quite interesting, whereas initially it was all about strength and mobility, and I find myself thinking about the processes more and more. Last night I laid in bed wide awake: How will I get myself off the floor and into the chair when I fall out? How will I get up the curbs in the wheelchair therapy courtyard? Can I get a cupholder for my chair? I think this is a good sign, as all these tasks are more about technique than strength, so the more thought I put into it the easier it will happen. I found this out when I went to do wheelies for the second time. I had thought about it a lot - how to move my head, how to move the chair under the center of gravity, and so on - and when I went to actually do it everything went well.

The picture tonight is of me in the kitchen, learning all the little tricks that will make things easier. Just like most everything else, some things are fairly obvious (like putting the heaviest pots and pans close, the lighter items up higher) but other things I never would have thought of - like pulling pasta out of the pot and putting it in a bowl rather than dragging the pot over to the sink and trying to drain it.

Maybe not the most exciting of things to learn, but it's my life right now and I'm finding the increased thought required is adding another dimension to the whole effort and making it much more challenging - a very good thing.


  1. yes, you can get a cup holder for your chair. You are making amazing progress. Now get back to work!


  2. Hi Andrew,
    you are getting there!!
    It will no doubt be a whole different approach
    to everything you want to do bro, just keep on the way you are going,it will all be good.
    By th way, who is the lady in glasses who we just get an occasional glimse of? come on Andrew, you've been the star attraction for quite a while now, lets have decent picture of you and Debbie together!!!!
    all the best Andew
    Barry & Jan

  3. Hi Andrew, at this rate you will soon be cooking supper, how about counter tops, I presume they are lower? this is when you will have to make use of that engineering brother and start inventing a few things, like grips on the end of a pole to reach things?
    love Mom

  4. yikes, is that a gas stove?? LOL


  5. You've always been a thinker...Not sure if thats a good thing or not??? lol!!!
    But you still the man!!!

  6. Trev,

    I've been reading your blog for a couple months now, checking once a week. I have to tell you I got a great smile looking at your pics in the last weeks. The weight gain is obvious, and seeing you out and about is fantastic.

    Rock on man!

    Chris Irwin

  7. You may be well on your way to writing another book on wheelchair tuning and technique!

    Dave Flowers

  8. Andrew, You have spontaneously discovered what world class athletes learn from their world class trainers........,visualize your action, see your success and then do it!
    Who's a smart boy!!!!!!!!


  9. One of the things that caught my therapists a bit out (that'd be "oot" fer you snow backs;) was the application of techniques used in my other life riding motorcycles, noticing faults, making changes hoping for improvement.
    Paying attention to what's happening, during the lap as it were, is a trait that most "patients" do not employ!?

    Rock on dude!

  10. Hey Andrew, been following your blog daily since the beginning, keep it up man, your kicking ass and some serious inspiration to others. Nick McCabe (former Ducati guy).

  11. A.T., you are all over it... not like that's a big suprise. Now drop and give me 20 more!

    Great work buddy ;)


  12. Thankyou for all you have done in the past not many people put it all on the line like you do. It's two year after mine and I'm still getting over it but it's better and better everyday.