Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Downs and Ups

It's been a busy couple of days, which is why we've missed posting, but you'll see why. It started on Sunday morning, when there was blood on my behind. From what the nurse saw, it looked like a tear from hitting something during a transfer - and I had done a million transfers on Saturday. Being paranoid about my freshly repaired behind, I stayed in bed all day Sunday. Monday morning, the head nurse found that it was actually the last stitch from my bedsore surgery, finally coming out. Disaster averted! On a side note, that means I'm not too far from going in the pool, which is something I'm looking forward to.

Back to business for Monday then, and Monday evening I was a demo model for a group of therapy students from the local university. It was a pretty interesting experience, but I didn't get back until well past my usual bedtime and I was doubly worn out.

Today I practiced more wheelies in the chair, my best time was 3 min. 28 sec. for keeping my balance (if only I could have wheelied that long on a bike!). I didn't think that was too bad for just my second official practice, but I've been doing my own practice on some of the ramps, where I can balance even with the wheelie bars in place.

Debbie and I also got a tour of the kitchen, where Suzanne the therapist explained some tips for setting it up and working. Debbie was one step ahead of Suzanne, as she's already found a bunch of pull-out shelves that will make things easier for me. We also checked out the laundry room, as it looks like that will be one of my chores when I go home.


  1. A day without Getwelltrev is like a day without sunshine! Welcome back Andrew!

  2. Nice gloves!


  3. You Go Tre'V!!!
    Sorry been MIA for the week!! Did Big willow on Monday and trying to get all the Canadians bikes ready for pahrump this weekend!! Crazy!!
    Will hope to stop by before I leave tho!! let me know any food request!!

  4. Greetings from Canada's West Coast! I read about your tip over in my last issue of Sport Rider but just heard about your blog on a local Vancouver Island riders website. I decided to check out your blog even though I suspected it might make me a little sad. I never thought I would actually feel inspired to head out and grab a little more out of life today! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences as you adapt to your new reality.

    I look forward to reading your blog and wish you a speedy recovery and a return to your writing.

    Cheers, Trev!

    P.S. Your family and friends sound amazing! Please give them all an extra big hug and a thank you from all of your fans.

  5. Can we have a wheelie pic?



  6. Without a catcher! LOL

    (Yeah, tough crowd)


  7. Way to go Debbie, sounds as if you are making sure Andrew has no excuse for not putting things away in those drawers.
    we missed your blog, nice to have you back; look forward to seeing you in the pool Andrew. Sounds as if you had fun with the students!
    Mom / Margaret

  8. Still checking in every so often. Your progress and attitude are so inspiring Andrew. Keep it up man!


  9. It's a better wheelie than I can do on my Busa! Thanks for the inspiration!


  10. hi geek -- you are looking good -- keep up the good work -- 3min wheelies -not bad - i have a tough time holding my bike straight at the stop light -- if you have about a year or so before you decide to get back on - why dont you help with my moto movie - between you and i - maybe kent will help -- kevin s said he will help if i can get it close to the big screen -- might be lots of fun -- mikep