Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Smallest Things

Sometimes it doesn't take much to make me really happy with my progress. Picking something up off the floor. Doing my first transfer on my own. Or just opening a stubborn door. I was smiling all day today, because I made a really big step by dressing myself, head to toe, for the first time. After my shower, I had the technicians leave me on the bed with my clothes, and asked them to leave me to it. Fifteen minutes later, I was done, including the dang compression hose I have to wear on my legs - they are tight! What it all means is that I'm independent for more of a portion of the day and another step closer to the end goal of my stay here.

Debbie and I worked on more transfers this afternoon, and they went really smoothly. She watched over me for a wheelchair mobility hour as well. In the hospital is a wheelchair therapy courtyard, with cobblestone and gravel sections, as well as a long ramp. Going through the gravel is a lot of work and wore me out at the end of the morning. Luckily it's a Saturday and I had the afternoon off!


  1. Hi Andrew,
    you are doing amazing things bro!
    Every day's blog brings more surprises.
    It sounds like your strength is coming on rapidly,keep at it Andrew,You've got a whole new world to enjoy.Are you as goon on the
    off-road stuff as you are on the asphalt?
    all the best Barry & Jan

  2. Andrew,
    It is great to see your progress. Growing up and working around motorcycles for my whole life means that I have seen others go through this kind of life changing event. While it changes what you can do it also opens many new opportunities to focus new things. I look forward to seeing what you tackle.
    Sean Finley

  3. Just cause you are getting used to the gravel does NOT mean that you can roost my kid!!!


  4. Trev,

    Good to see your so positive! That's the only way to be. You'll be back on your feet before you know it. Nice pic on the CBR!

    Joshua Henry
    Atlanta, GA

  5. Great to hear things are still going well. the new chair sounds FAST! Keep up the good spirit!

    North Carolina

  6. Andrew,

    I love reading your blog messages. You are just an incredible human. By the way, we heard that a lot during the silent auction in Daytona. The turnout was pretty impressive.

    It got a little, shall we say, agressive in the end (people were passionate about what they wanted), but all in all, a super success.

    You had so many fans stop by and read the blog boards we made.

    In case anyone wants to see the latest...the update was printed on a few websites like, oh, and stuff.

    So as you bounch back and forth from workout to double portions, we are just thrilled that we are getting ready to LIST a METRIC TON of great items on eBay between now and the end of next month.

    So with that said..."Attention everyone...check out eBay in the next few days and through the end of April. Our shop is full of very cool donated gifts and we even have a one-off time-lapsed Travis Pastrana photo, doing his X Games double back flip, signed by the photographer, Mr. Rich Van Every.

    I'll make sure we get that one posted first. And you all will likely be bidding against a few of my friends (Me, Myself and I). See, it arrived today and is sitting on my office table and well, I have grown to really like it.

    Keep up the great work Andrew. Don't slow down. You are on the back straight and gaining momentum. We are all here, a mouse click away, cheering for you and looking forward to your next accomplishment.

    Oh, and when you are ready...we just may have a very agile large displacement personal watercraft ready for you to test along with this special thing we call the "Monster Teryx." Just ask the Casa guys about "Land Meets Sea." They'll give you the inside line.

    Miss you.

    Jan and the K Gang

  7. You are inspiring Andrew - keep it up, your efforts every day mean more to the rest of us than you know.


  8. Wheelie bars?? No wonder you haven't posted any action videos yet. I guess I'll have to wait til you get those off :-)