Friday, March 13, 2009

Debbie Steps In

It was a pretty adventurous day for Debbie and I today. Debbie was here most of the day, keeping an eye on me in the fitness center and we had lunch together. This afternoon, though, she was put to work. It's important that she knows how to help me transfer from the wheelchair to bed or back, in case I get sick or am for some reason unable to do it myself. Today the therapists showed her how, and we practiced a few times. It all went great, we did about five transfers in total without a hitch. I was pretty worn out at the end though, and I think Debbie was as well.

Another aspect that's coming along is what's called sitting in long pose - with your legs straight out in front. For the longest time I was unable to do that because my hamstrings were so tight, and I couldn't stretch them out because it would have been too dangerous for my bedsore surgery. Now though, with my bedsore nicely healed up, they've been stretching my hamstrings out and I can sit in long pose. That, in turn, means I can do things like put my shorts and socks on myself.

Adding to all that is that I finally got rid of the big air bed I've had for ages, and now have a standard hospital bed. There's no way I could have gotten myself in or out of the air bed, but the standard bed I can. It all means that after my shower in the morning, I can get myself into bed, dress, then get myself back in the chair.

That's a big step closer to independence, and I'm really happy about that.


  1. Keep it up Trev! Your progress has been amazing!

  2. Way to go!!!


  3. Your continued improvement is amazing, Trev! Glad to see you are gaining a good deal of your independence back.

    Enjoy your huge meals while you can. You'll have to cut back to eating like the rest of us before long, so enjoy!

    Best wishes,
    Craig M.
    Castro Valley, CA

  4. Andrew you'd be surprised at the number of lurkers reading your blog. Fight the good fight!

  5. Awesome Andrew,great to see that you are training to regain some of the Muscle tone and strength.
    Also Good that you are remaining in a Positive state of mind...That food looks quite good !
    I hope you are having a chance to see Ben Spies do well in the wsbk series....Miller motorsports looks like a nice track,I am thinking of shooting the race in May....

  6. Andrew,
    I have some experience where you are concerned right now. Twenty years ago I had a bad one. Paralized for a week after surgery. Fractured verdebrae c4,5,6. Not good. Three months of therapy (PAIN!). I was back on my feet walking again. It was a miracle, but miracles happen everyday, when you get up in the morning and open your eyes. Life is short. WE ARE ALL THERE FOR YOU!!

    Gary O.

    Honolulu, Hawaii