Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mall Rats


We had an outing today to the Montclair Plaza, my third trip out of the Casa. It was pretty interesting because it really pointed out the way some things have changed for me. It was great to park right near the entrance, but from there things got a little sketchy. Most malls have escalators, with the elevator tucked away. Finding the elevator was a chore, and it was out of order so we had to use an elevator in one of the stores. Finding that elevator took some doing, and then we were confronted with a small flight of steps to get back out of the store! Eventually we found an exit with a ramp, but the whole process took a lot of time and a lot of wheeling around. Frustrating, for sure, but the whole point of these outings is for me to discover things like this.

On the chair front, I have a demo version of the Ti Lite wheelchair that I'm hoping to get and it's nice. It feels lighter even than the Spazz chair I've been using, and rolls even easier. Unfortunately, I have to give it back tomorrow, but it's great to at least try something different. Now that I notice things like wheelchairs, I can't believe the number of different brands and all the options you can get. The chair I have now even has small lights in the front wheels - bling!

My brother Stephen took this great picture of the Casa with Mount Baldy in the background. There was a lot more snow not too long ago, and now it's almost gone. One of the techs here said it takes just 20 minutes to get to the Mount from here, it's really close.


  1. When can we expect your first five chair shootout? With your data acquisition experience, you should be able to find a way to calculate the rolling resistance, vibration damping and other important performance characteristics! Oh, and I almost forgot the bling. Bonus points for bling!


  2. Hey Andrew,
    Although I don't usually make any comments, I try to keep up with your busy life and it's heartwarming to hear your voice in everything you write. I appreciate you letting me share your adventures. Keep it up, I'm out here listening.
    Jim Brown

  3. I am much like Jim, I quietly keep up with how you are and your progress. You are a man among boys Trev. Thank you for leading by example and helping me understand what is really important.

    John M. M.