Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A few loose screws

Today's picture is not the bargain bin at the local hardware store, that is my elbow. It was essentially crushed in my tipover, and the joint has been replaced with what looks like a door hinge. It's easy to see the wires and pins right at the surface that are giving me some grief - they are why I have to wear the pink bracelet all the time. That wire is in a figure 8, and was used to keep tension on the screw when it was first inserted. Over time the big screw will grab hold, and that bit of hardware can come out.

On the inside of the elbow joint you can see the bone that is building up. This is called Heterotopic Ossification (HO) and it's stopping me from flexing my elbow more than about 90 degrees. The HO will require another surgery at some point so that I can get the range of motion back, although there is some controversy about when to do have it done. If it's removed now, there is a danger of it growing back even worse, so some doctors think waiting until it's run its course and then removing it is best. Waiting, however, means the tricep muscle could atrophy, since it isn't getting used, and then that would need surgery to fix.

The doctor here at the Casa and the doctor that fixed my elbow originally are hopefully going to come to an agreement about what to do in the next few days. Fixing it now means a bit of a delay in getting home, but at least it would be done and we wouldn't have to worry about it later.


  1. Hi Andrew,
    sounds like you are still very very busy.
    What may seem to be little things to us lesser mortals, are obviously major leaps forward to you, go for it bro you are doing great.
    I loved the remark you made recently about
    when you get into your new home, that you would probably just sit on the floor and be
    happy to be home. That was really profound.
    We don't know just what adjustments are needed
    in situations like you find yourself in.
    Keep up the regime Andrew and take care bro.
    Did you get the picture of the UK wrinklies ok?
    Talk again soon all our best
    Barry & Jan

  2. I Have the Sawsawll standing by anytime Tre'V!! I think I can fix it!! you've seen the work...now just let me know when! lol!! eh!!
    U still the Man!!!

  3. Pretty shoddy job of safety wiring, I must say. That will never pass tech...

    I'm assuming that is titanium hardware in there? Remember, metal or fiber matrix composite material is not allowed.


  4. I disagree with Kento, carbon fiber is way cool and should be allowed!

    Maybe you can bring a pair of safety wiring pliers to the doctors and show them how it's done!


  5. Looks like Dr. Northrup's kids are missing some of their "meccano" pieces. I agree with Kent on the safety wiring, that wouldn't fly out of my shop!

  6. Andrew, You have fans out here in NJ. Just read your story in SR great piece..and speaking of pieces any chance of getting a "hot nurse of the month" picture instead of your pic? (or the girls from the icon ad maybe?). Also time to think about writing another book?

  7. JP... stay AWAY from the tools!


  8. Finally you have something in common with Barry Sheene !

  9. I have a very similar looking elbow from a getoff two years ago. We should compare x-rays! I am fighting HO also, it's a daily thing. Keep fighting Trev!