Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another busy day

Just when I think they can't work me any harder, the therapists come up with new things to torture me with. Today started off regularly enough, with lower body stretching and a trip to the fitness center, but for the last hour before lunch I practiced uneven transfers - getting from the chair to the mat with the mat a few inches higher than the chair. It was hard work and wore me right out.

After lunch, the task was to kneel by the side of the mat and use my arms to hold myself up. Easy enough if you've got some strength in your legs, but I could only manage about 30 seconds at a time as it was pretty hard on my elbow. It was a nice exercise, though, and a lot of what they're having me do now is aimed at eventually being able to get in the chair from the floor.

Today's picture is from a houseboat trip we took last year to celebrate my mom's 75th birthday. It was the first morning, and my mom caught the first fish of the trip. It was a great holiday and we had a lot of fun (although it was a bit stressful driving the boat!).


  1. And just a few minutes later, even Dr. Tiner couldn't help that fish.

  2. Love the picture Andrew. I know that's your favourite from our trip. I'm hoping that you post my favourite next. That would be the one of you showing us the 'downward dog' on the deck after consuming many of your gin and tonics! You did a great job as our resident cocktail mixer! Each night was something new to sample. What a blast we had!!

  3. You brought that ship/boat home and that's what counts!


  4. Okay Andrew, Susan has set the bar. I REALLY want to see the photo of your ginned up Yoga pose.

    I haven't had the pleasure of being around you with a significant amount of alcohol but I'm sure it's quite an experience. You're funny enough sober. Glad to hear that your family was there to watch after you.

    Margo and I were talking about you the other day and she recalled the three-up Vespa ride through the paddock at the Miller World Superbike round. Fun times and good memories.

    I still can't believe you let me have the controls!

    Best Regards,