Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sleeping on the Job


Thursday is outing day, and today's trip was to the local Albertsons and then out for lunch. Only thing was, we didn't drive there, we wheeled. And it was a long way. Uphill. It was a great trip though, I bought some cookies at the grocery store, and we had a great Mexican lunch. And the trip home was downhill, luckily.

I was bushed after this morning, but it was straight back to therapy this afternoon. The first session was mat exercises, and in the break between sessions I ended up falling asleep for a few minutes on the mat. The last hour was sitting balance, one of the exercises that wears me out the most of course. Like I said a couple of days ago, just when I think they can't work me any harder...


  1. Sounds like a lot of hard work. Keep it up!

  2. We don't know each other, but I've been following your blog daily since learning about your situation from one of your benefit auctions that I stumbled across. I just have to say that your spirit and strength shine through in every single post you make. Apparently, you really ARE the man! :) Thanks for sharing your journey with us, and keep up the great work -- your progress is remarkable!

  3. Dude, Albertsons, that's beyond long! Then again, I'm never suprised at your efforts A.T. NICE!


  4. This boy will do anything for a cookie or a doughnut!

    Well done, AT. Your persistence and optimism are nothing short of fantastic.

  5. ...ditto all of that - you are THE MAN - well done (yet again) El Geek-o!



    Santa Barbara, CA.

  6. Read your most recent article in sport rider the other day and thought to myself "hey this is the same guy I have been hearing about online." I was diggin the beard you were sporting in the photo. Stay positive, at least you get to wear slippers all day.

  7. no one would believe you if you said you wheeled all that way uphill for fruit...LOL


  8. For a second there I thought this post was going to sound like those stories parents always tell...

    "I had to wheel myself to the store, uphill, both ways, while being chased by mountain lions!"

    Least you got cookies for your efforts. Nice job AT. :)