Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm glad it's the weekend

(in color)
There's not much new to report today, it was just another full day of therapy that wore me right out. I thought I'd post this picture of me on our SV650 project bike that I put together and raced in 2003. I qualified for the SV Cup final at Road Atlanta and had a great time. Brian J. Nelson took the picture, it's one of my favorites.


  1. Crazy--I was just reading the story you did on the SV Cup yesterday. I think it might be the push I needed to get my own SV back from my friend's shop in Florida (don't ask) and contest some local rounds again.

    BTW, I got some new Shift leathers done up for me and I had Brian Horton add some flair to the back hump:

    Pretty cool, I think. :)


  2. Hey Trev,

    Just checkin in on you. Glad to see you're mobile, and your attitude looks good. Proj on, baby!

    Dana in Philly

  3. I am always cruising your board here to see how you are recovering...
    Thought it was time to say "Hi"...
    Joe Novella (aka: evakat)
    Cherry Tree, PA
    PS... Very nice pic!!!

  4. Andrew,

    The SV650 racer photos bring back some more good memories of being there at Road Atlanta that race weekend. You rode fantastic, and would have been on the podium if not for an iffy, aggressive move made by a fellow competitor in the final laps, as I recall. You rode a smart race and kept your wits about you, exactly what I'd expect from you. Fast and clean but not risking anyone's safety for possible glory.

    I recall having a lot of laughs with you and your Canadian tuner friend Jamie (Barkley, I think? Not sure about the spelling)that weekend and a very fun dinner at Chateau Elan. Very good times.