Sunday, April 5, 2009

Standing Room Only


This week I got to try out the standing frame for the first time. I haven't been able to until now because of my knee ligaments, but that's healed well enough now. Standing is good for bone density, circulation and reducing spasms, but I enjoyed it just because I got to be at regular height again - it's nice to be able to see things as I used to.

Week nine was pretty good even aside from that, I'm getting a lot handier in the chair and on the exercise mat - I can do a lot of my own leg exercises now, something I'll have to do regularly to keep the range of motion good in them. Unfortunately, I've picked up a cold that kept me in bed Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday. Hopefully it will be gone before Tuesday because I get to go home for the day and check out our new apartment!


  1. Glad to see your getting better..


  2. Wow, I can see you're still working hard Andrew! I hope you feel better for Tuesday when you check out the new apartment. I hope the move went well.

    It's actually snowing here today in Ottawa!!! :(

    Take care Andrew & Deb!

  3. Nice progress! Good to see you upright. The more I read about your progress the more I realize just how bad the sum total of your injuries was, and how tough it must be to recover from them. I think you are doing great and your mental strength is a huge help. You are the man!

    Dave Flowers

  4. Ive been following your story since day1, but have only just decided to add my two cents worth. In this world, and this time of economic stress and talk of depression etc, as down and tense as I feel, I only have to think about you, your incredible attitude and resolve to get ahead, and I have to believe that if more people in the world had your sense of optimism and love of life, this world would truly be a better place. I'm inspired to have made your acquaintance & I commend your effort. I know that you and your family have all had to make incredible adjustments and I wish myself the strength to have the positive outlook on life that you are exhibiting. Keep up the flow of inspiration!

  5. Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears...It looks like you are about to give a big speech! It is both weird and awesome to see you upright. Looking good, right down to the little chipmunk cheeks you are getting! Food must still be really good. Looking forward to your report and hopefully pictures from your day at home tomorrow.

  6. This has been worth all your hard work, it's great to see you upright. Keep going, Hope your cold is better and have a good on Tuesday
    love you Mom

  7. Regular Height?? You are WAY above regular height!!! Thats why you are the MAN Tre'V!!! Still on stand by for next project!!!

  8. Andrew,

    I can't tell you how fantastic it is to see you upright again, no matter that it's with some mechanical assistance. You look Great!

    Like Susan said, your face is filling out and looking good.

    The Trevinator is Back!

    Keep up the good work and thanks so much for taking the time to post the regular updates. Just like your continued contributions to Sport Rider, your words and thoughts mean more to us than you can probably imagine.