Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm no chef...

...but I did manage to cook a half decent breakfast this morning. We had a ham-and-cheese omelet, bacon and bagels. It all went smoothly, although it took me quite a time. Mostly it was a matter of finding out where to put the chair to do things like open the oven or fridge door, cut something on the counter or work on the stove. I had some help with some things from Suzanne the therapist, but I did most of it myself, from getting the food out of the fridge to washing some of the dishes and putting them away.

The good thing is that Debbie was here and we got some great ideas on how to fill the shelves in our kitchen and what special bowls and utensils we can get that will make things easier. And I got to cook her breakfast!

We found out today that our home evaluation is coming up, and as part of that I'll get to go as well. And not only that, the home evaluation is in the morning, and I'll be able to stay home all day and get picked up in the evening. There are so many things that I want to do when I get there that I can't decide - I'll probably end up just sitting in the middle of the apartment and loving every minute of it.


  1. I can't wait to read about your first trip home. The thought of being forced to stay away for five months and then finally knowing you're about to get some normal time in your own home must be overwhelming. I'm sure it's going to be a cool thing to read about when it finally happens.

  2. Must be nice to be back in your own pad!

  3. Well done, Andrew!

    Keep up the excellent progress - we're all looking forward to seeing you and Debbie settled into the new digs...



    Santa Barbara, CA.

  4. Way to go Trev..Ham and cheese omelet....yummy

  5. One question: Canadian bacon or real bacon???

  6. I thought Canadian bacon was the real bacon?!?

  7. Good News to be sure! So where are you and Deb registered for the New HOME??? I am sure you need lots of new things for the new house. And there must be a special store that carries things to make your life easier when you are living from a wheelchair...Or is that just called The Container Store!? *smile
    Seriously, for your house warming party people are going to want to know what to bring for the new Abode, besides ALCOHOL!!!! LOL
    Think about it.
    xoxoxo Meg