Saturday, March 28, 2009

Putting it all together


It's pretty satisfying to finally get a whole sequence of things down pat, put them all together, and get one step closer to independence. I've worked on transfers, rolling, stretching and sitting, mostly separately, but today it all came together in therapy. I got to an exercise mat, transferred to the mat, got on my back, did some leg exercises, got to the edge of the mat and back in the chair, all on my own (although someone watched over me during the transfers).

Then this afternoon, I went to the cafeteria and bought a coffee, the first time I've done that on my own. I didn't realize how intimidating it was until I headed over: Will I be able to get in the door? Can I get to my money? What if I can't reach the cups today? Of course, I worry too much about those kinds of things, and it was no problem at all.


  1. I remember feeling the same thing when I went to buy my first coffee at a Starbucks. What's the difference between "tall" and "grande"? What's "mocha"? Why do they have cinnamon and all this other stuff as "condiments" for coffee?

    Fantastic job on your progress!


  2. Indeed, and I remember selling you 500 Interceptor parts at Pasadena Honda, Kento.

    Get Well, Trev!

  3. Hey Trev,

    Just got a signed copy of your book...great job and I'm now into my second cover to cover reading. Your signature, however, looks a bit like your EKG ;-) I am sincerely glad to hear about your excellent progress.

  4. Way to GO Andrew! You never cease to amaze us all.
    Go SuperMan!
    Hayden and I will be back from New York tomorrow night, hope to see you next weekend.
    Big Hugs,
    Meg and H-Man