Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week 8: Done!

On the one hand the time has really flown by, but on the other it seems ages since I first got here. My original goal for the stay at the Casa was six weeks, but I realized right away that was way too optimistic. I was then hoping for eight, but again I know now that's still too optimistic. Some things this week pointed out just how much my other injuries and the bed sore have set me back, but overall I'm still really happy with my progress and am not complaining. I can see the end of the tunnel and the pathway there is clear. There is a small handful of tasks that I have to learn and get comfortable with, and that will be it. As I've said before, though, the last few things are the most difficult in some ways.


  1. Keep going Andrew. We know from racing that that last half second is the toughest to get, but you've done it over and over. You'll get this one too! And more.

    Pete and Jenny

  2. Great spending time with you yesterday and thanks again for the inspiration!


  3. Hey there, chin up and stop comparing yourself to anyone else!!! You have done wonders you just set a too soon going home date. keep going on as you are and the time will soon come, in the meantime, hang in there, we are all doing those exercises with you, ( but I am pleased that I don't have to prove that statement!!) and you beat everyone of us every day. Love you, Mom

  4. Hey Andrew,

    I came across a link to your blog over at today. This is the second time I've stumbled upon it (the first being while researching suspension setup for my new CBR), and today I've had the opportunity in my spare time at work to read every post from the beginning.

    It sounds really cliched, but you are indeed a true inspiration. Your attitude through all of this is clearly what keeps you going, and I have to commend you on keeping such a positive outlook! It's at times like this that we really appreciate our friends and family the most, and I'd just like to let you know, you have one more friend pulling for you out here in Pennsylvania. ;o)

    I've been loving the photos, especially the recent ones showing your phenomenal progress! Your face in the wheelie photo is absolutely priceless.

    If you ever find yourself in PA, don't hesitate to shoot me an email for whatever you might need. Once you have some more signed copies of the book, I'd love to grab a copy.

    Get well, Trev. ;o)

    Mike Souders

  5. Trev,

    I have been following your progress, like so many others no doubt, ever since I heard that you had taken a tumble.

    I have been reading SR since I moved to the US in 1999 and have always enjoyed your column. As one geek to another, I certainly consider you to be the alpha-geek around here.

    I am really glad to see that you are making progress and I look forwards to new entries whenever you post them.

    At some point I guess I should take a ride up to HEll-AY (from OC) and swing by, if for nothing other than to quiz you on how to tame the front end on my Speed Triple :)