Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It's been a busy couple of days for both Debbie and I, hence the missed posting and no pictures, but we should be back on track in a day or two. Yesterday was moving day to the new apartment, and it all went well (for Debbie...I had nothing to do with it). While she was busy looking after that, I was practicing wheelies in the courtyard. The task was to wheelie around a planter, in a circle. I thought I was doing okay, but the tech looking after me must have been bored because we gave that up and we started jumping curbs! It all sounds so easy - just get some speed up and head right for it, then wheelie over it. Piece of cake, until you don't clear the front wheels and everything comes to a halt very quickly.

I've also been trying to wheelie up a ramp, and eventually will have to do it going down. After all that practice I put it to good use yesterday afternoon: The exercise mat was too high, so rather than reach down and push the foot control by hand, I jumped the front wheel of my chair up on to the control, and moved the mat that way. I was happy not so much that I could do that, but rather that I'm starting to think about how to do things the easy and creative way.

On Tuesday I also had to go grocery shopping, because on Friday I have to cook breakfast. The shopping was no problem, although I couldn't reach things on the top shelves, and we've checked out the kitchen a couple of times now and learned a lot. I'm looking forward to Friday, it will be pretty interesting.


  1. As always A.T., you continue to impress with an unusual amount of humility. Keep up the good work bro!


  2. Good luck with your shopping, I think you are planning omelets, good idea then if you break the eggs in transit , you will have one job already done for you!! Have fun,,love Mom

  3. I think I will take some Pancakes,(loads of syrup)Some Hostess cupcakes, a couple of scrambled eggs, maybe some fresh squeezed Pepsi, and a King Size Milkyway bar!! Now thats what I call a breakfast!!! Think you can handle that Mr.Geek?? :)
    You the man Tre'V!!! No Doubt aboot it~!!!!

  4. I just received sport rider and I saw your column. Boy is good to see you. I also admire your courage and determination to move forward in adverse situations. Get well.

  5. Well done Andrew – Love the updates.

    Thinking of you daily!


  6. Great to see you're adapting the chair to suit your needs. Pretty soon it'll all be second nature I bet. Make mine a french toast with a side of sausages please, and don't forget the syrup. mmmmmmmmm syrup....


  7. Don't get too used to that chair Trev, I believe God is telling me you'll walk again...soon.

  8. That face is priceless on the wheelie pic!


  9. That face is true Andrew! How wonderful to see!!