Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm back...kindof


I'm feeling quite a bit better today as the doctors have a handle on what's ailing me: Two UTIs (urinary tract infections), which require two antibiotics - and one of them doesn't work on me, for some reason. I started two new antibiotics a couple of days ago, and everything seems to be headed back to normal, leaving me simply worn out from the whole thing.

Today I was able to get up in the chair a couple of times, albeit with a lot of help. Debbie's here and set me up with the laptop so I could post something, and hopefully we'll be back to more positive updates in just a couple of days.


  1. That's great news Andrew!!! My mornings have not
    been the same lately, now I know what was missing!

  2. Good to see you back up Mister! Hope you're feeling much better quick. We're all still pullin' for you.

    Pete and Jenny

  3. Missed your blog, kept looking for it every day hoping to see it back. get well, love Mom

  4. Great news!! Hope you heal quickly, God bless!Jon

  5. Good to hear your happy fingers!

  6. Keep healing up, Andrew! You've got lots of people rooting for you.

    Have you seen Brad, yet?


  7. I'm glad to see you back "on the air"'ve got friends that worry about you ...(ya know)

  8. wondered where you wandered off to.
    welcome back...

    i am so looking forward to seeing you in your new place!
    love ya

  9. Like most of the other people here, I was starting to get withdrawals! Sorry 'bout the infections. Glad you're fighting through them. Welcome back. :)

  10. hi i tried to bid on a item that is for sale on ebay to help you out ----but they tell me that because i dont do pay paillie i cant bid---its a tire that is for sale on ebay---i know what it is to be hurt and need help---you would think that the people trying to help you would take money any they could get it ------------good luck---bob