Wednesday, April 15, 2009


For the past week Andrew has been fighting a rather nasty infection. Yesterday they gave him two shots of a potent antibiotic and he is feeling much better this morning as a result. He should be back online soon. Thank you for your support and concern.



  1. Thats great to hear. Im missing him!!

  2. Dang! Thanks for the update Deb. We were getting worried. Glad to hear the boy is feeling better. We know he'll be up and at'em again in no time!

    Pete and Jenny

  3. Trevietto Buritto!! Hope your feeling better!! and Hope to get by this week!! works been Super Crazy!! but let me know if your around on Friday!! and I can bring "THE" goods...

  4. Thanks for the Update Deb,

    Good to hear that Andrew's feeling better. We're just all missing our daily / weekly recommended allowance of Andrew News. Can't wait to hear what he's up to next after the great achievements that we've been reading about these past couple of weeks.

    Give him our best.

    Lance, Margo, BB King, Cooper, Nick and Handsome

  5. Hi Andrew,

    I was thinking of you yesterday as I was carving through Hwy 33 & 58, on my way back up to the Bay Area from Ventura. Your recovery to date has been incredible! Hope you knock out this infection soon. I'm looking forward to more posts.

    Keep up the hard work! You are an inspiration to us all.

    Craig M.
    Castro Valley, CA

  6. Did you get a fun bandaid with those antibiotic shots? I hope so.

    Georgia got an antibiotic shot today (to hopefully clear up the lung and ear infections she's been getting for the last six months), and the yellow and blue bandaid made her feel much better. Dried those tears right up!

    Take care and get healthy,


  7. Trev,
    Stay on top of the nasty stuff. Here's hoping the shot works wonders.

  8. You are going home A.T.!
    Got a team ready to go, you make the call and response will be swift and instant.


  9. Hi Andrew,
    sorry to hear about your infection,hope the cure works quickly. Loved the slideshow of you in the new pad, the smile says it all!!!
    We have been off in the RV again and have just been catching up on your blog. It will be great for you to go home, soon we all hope.
    listened to the interview on Dawghouse,now I know what you sound like. Take care Bro.
    Kindest regards to you Deb
    Barry & Jan

  10. Thanks Deb,

    Visiting the blog is a daily routine so I was wondering.

    Looking forward to good news.

    Cheers, JP

  11. Thanks for the update !

    I was also missing the regular news and beginning to worry.....

  12. Thanks For the update as others have said The Daily Blob visit has become part of my routine now and I've been suffering withdrawal symptoms...

    Alan Burns
    Andrew, Francois (Cool) says Hi!

  13. Get better soon Trev.

    -- josh