Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Outing

Because the weather was a bit dodgy today, we went to the mall today for the weekly outing. I managed a lot better than the first time as far as wheeling around goes, but I was really worn out when we went back to therapy this afternoon. The mall was a lot busier this time as well, but I'm getting used to that and it was no problem.

Some of my friends at home are hosting the Parts Canada Superbike Championship Preview Day, and part of the festivities includes a silent auction for my benefit. It's on April 18th at On The Park in Toronto, and there is more information here: Parts Canada Superbike Championshiop Preview Day.

Today's picture is of Kent and I racing at Daytona last year in the Moto-ST 8-hour race. It was loads of fun, although neither of us finished unfortunately. Brian J. Nelson took the picture, it's another one of my favorites.


  1. Hey Andrew...
    What happened to the photo of YOU in front!? Why did you post the one of My Man kickin your butt?
    hee hee
    Didn't you have it as a screen saver at one time?

  2. As a former shifter-kart racer, I think it's probably about time to broach the subject of a 125cc Shifter Chair. 105 MPH through the mall sounds like just the ticket... that way you can stay fresh for those afternoon therapy sessions.

  3. Thats what I was gonna say!!! Why the Heck do you have a pick where Kento is in front of you?? All I ever hear is how much "Faster" you are then him! and how much "Smoother" you are then him, and if you guys where ever in a race how you would "WAX his ASS" and so on and so on!!!! good thing you said something like "off your Record" even tho I didn't know you had a record player still....LOL!! Or was that Mikolas that was saying all that about Kento?? Hummmm!!! lol!!! Yeah I can stir a mean pot eh!! lol!! Maybe I have to do that cause I always had to look at the back of your damn leathers with that damn canadian flag everytime we ride!! lol.. Well maybe not in the rain at T-Hill...My only glory day!!! lol!!

  4. Are you trying to shame me into sending you a T-shirt with my name or logo on it? OK I'll started on that. I must have shot the photo of you in front out of focus. I know, I know...You're saying right now that the shot of Kent in front is "The ONLY one I got in focus"

    Brian J.