Friday, May 15, 2009

And not a moment too soon

It was a pretty slow day as far as therapy was concerned today, as I had a Doctor's appointment in Pasadena mid-day. It was with the plastic surgeon that did my face and bedsore surgery, and he was very happy with the results of both. This afternoon the final adjustments were made to my new wheelchair, and I'm in it now. It has a lot more back support than the other chair, but more importantly there's more clearance for my elbow so it doesn't have to bend as much. That alone makes it way more easier to wheel. Tomorrow I'm heading home for the day, and it will be nice to have the new chair for that.


  1. I'm glad Dr. McDreamy was happy with his work on both sets of cheeks!! Have a great day at home today.
    Love Susan

  2. New chair...need those eval-sheets by Monday.


  3. Andrew,

    Nice to hear that you get to roll home on your new wheels over the weekend. I had to laugh at the old Chevy Student Driver car that you're driving lately. American car engineering at it's worst.

    Sorry to hear that it sounds like you'll be getting rid of the Honda Civic. What's your new set of wheels going to be? Something with some serious horsepower, I hope.