Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting around

The SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) group's outing today was taking the bus to downtown Claremont for lunch. The bus ride (my first in a few years!) was pretty uneventful. People in chairs ride for free, and the buses have ramps that make it easy to get on and off. Debbie came along as well, and we had a great lunch at the same pizza joint we ate at last time. The buses are limited to two chairs at a time, and half our group ended up on the wrong bus back to the Casa, so they had a bit of an adventure.

This afternoon I had my final driving evaluation and it went well. We practiced some parking, and believe it or not I did a better job of that than I used to! I felt another step comfortable in the car, and now it's a matter of retaking the test at the DMV when we get some new wheels and I'll be all set to get around.


  1. That's one dead sexy ride you got there, AT.

  2. You might have a problem finding a dealership to get it serviced in the future, though...

    See you when you come back to Pasadena!

  3. I just have the Mental Image of you Driving the House boat with that Brighter than the sun Hendrix shirt, and am now picturing that with you behind the wheel of a car!! Oh Geez Help us!!!! LOL

    Can we put Hydralics in the new ride so you can "Bump/Bounce" down the road?? Low and Slow baby!!! lol

  4. That car is the opposite of invisible... I believe its the car of choice in "the hood". Guaranteed you'll get pulled over here on the west-side for sure! Like that bumper sticker though.