Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Way rad, man

After therapy this morning, I had an appointment at the hospital in Pasadena for radiation evaluation. When the extra bone is taken away from my elbow, I'll get a dose of radiation the day after that will hopefully stop the bone from simply regrowing again. The appointment itself was uneventful enough - sign a couple of forms, answer a few questions and learn exactly what they were going to do - but what came as a bit of a shock was how nervous I was to be back in the hospital. I've never liked being in a hospital before, but returning to my previous home of three months really gave me the jitters. I'm sure I'll be fine next week, especially as I'm really looking forward to having the surgery done.

Other than that it was a pretty quiet day: stretching in the morning, a trip to the gym, and Suzanne the therapist worked on my elbow to keep as much range of motion as we can in it. The elbow is really starting to hold me back in a few things, so every little bit counts at this point.


  1. A.t. that trip to the hospital next week is part of that trip home. Think about that when you're at your new place on Saturday.
    No worries mate.