Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Six months...

With all the good stuff that's happened in the last couple of days, it was easy ignore the fact that it's been six months since my little whoopsie. Still, it's been eating away at me over the last week or so that things have dragged on a lot longer than I originally hoped for. For some reason, when I was in the hospital it seemed to me that getting home would be a simple matter of healing up, and I never thought of all the new things I would have to learn to cope with. How naive I was!

Enough worrying about that. Today was another busy day with a lot of wheelchair mobility exercises, another session on the parallel bars, some uneven transfers and a lot of rest breaks in between. I want to build up as much strength as I can before I head to the hospital next week, as it will put me that much further ahead to get back in the chair after the elbow surgery.


  1. Earlier today 5/12/09 I took my Brother to Therapy for the injuries he suffered at the hands of a Cager in a Suburban on the 91 Freeway in Anaheim. Still no Witnesses. I got to watch him raise a stick in the air. Reach up on a Wooden thing screwed into a wall with little steps on it so they can see how far his Left arm can reach up with out Pain. And a Pully System so that he can raise one arm while the other pulls down. Over all he is Progressing, but Slowly. I can only Imagine what your mind wants to do Trev, compared to what your Body will allow. These simple tasks which so many of us take for Granted are some of the Most difficult Goals you are trying to accomplish. As a Fellow Rider of an R1, I wish you Mental Strength as well as Physical strength and Pray that one day you are fully recovered. God Bless you and your Family.
    David Silva

  2. Trev... Good luck on the surgery...
    Joe Novella / Cherry Tree, PA

  3. Andrew,

    Have you thought about selling sponsorship for the hardware they'll use in your elbow?

    "This elbow brought to you by Quokka.com, official surgical screw merchants of the FIM" ...or something along those lines.

  4. Don't let it eat you up Amigo, you're just doing what you gotta do. Just keep thinking that you've got to be in good shape for that "This Old Bike" project I told you about on the phone! I'm going this weekend to get some pictures for you.

  5. I realize the time you've spent recuperating has been frustrating for you, but remember that your total injuries were a hundred times more serious than most everyone else I've seen at the Casa. The fact that you're this close to leaving with the injuries you suffered is a testament to your work ethic and positive mindset, and it's doubtful that even a handful of people would have accomplished the same recovery in the same amount of time. I for one consider it incredible that you're this far along in only six months.

    Hey, Quokka.com, now there's a obscure name from the past! I did some work for those guys when they ran the Motogp.com website. Got to watch a live satellite feed of all the races while doing a sort of early version of twittering on the races, it was pretty darn cool, especially back then. A far, far cry from the chopped-up Speed Channel coverage...