Monday, May 11, 2009

Getting closer


This afternoon we found out that my elbow surgery is scheduled for May 20th. That's not a moment too soon as I'm rapidly losing the range of motion in it to the point that doing pressure reliefs (every 15 minutes) is now difficult and even just wheeling around makes it sore. For several things I've been in a holding pattern until the surgery, and once that's fixed I'll be on the road home fairly quickly.

My new wheelchair had some of the adjustments made today, but it had to go back to the shop to fix a broken screw. I should have it back tomorrow and I'm looking forward to that. It's a lot more comfortable on my back than Spazz and a lot easier on my elbow as it doesn't have to bend as much to wheel.

And finally, I weighed in at 128 pounds this morning, a couple more than last time and now just 10 pounds shy of my pre-tipover weight. I'm pretty sure my arms are bigger now than they were before, but my legs are a bit spindly. Most likely they'll even each other out eventually and I'll settle at about my usual weight.


  1. Sweet deal!! Get that thing fixed!! (the elbow)
    Soon enuff it will be Casa Time!! (as in Home)!! Which means HOUSE PARRRTAY!!!! WOOOO WHOOOOO!!!! Think i'll walk there this time as it would probly be faster than finding a parking spot!! lol

  2. Ah, I see that you took a photo of the new chair's front wheels for my benefit...(Thanks Deb? Andrew?) Those look much better than the previous ones, they won't be getting caught in the small stuff.

    Good to see they've finally scheduled your elbow surgery!

  3. Great to see you coming along, Andrew! Looking forward to the house warming party! :D

    ...And did you really weigh 138lbs before? Holy cow. I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I'm the heaviest one on staff at a "portly" 150lbs.

    Good luck with your elbow surgery!

  4. Hey EH tubby, I was going to say you were starting to look like Popeye! It must be from all those donut curls you've been doing. As soon as dat dare elbow is dun fixed I wanna see pics of you busting big air! ha!