Sunday, May 10, 2009

Home again

So far, we've had another great day at home. Debbie cooked Huevos Rancheros for breakfast, and after that we went out exploring. We tried to walk/roll to the park across the freeway, but it's all blocked off at the end closest to us - we'll have to drive there next time. I sat on the couch and watched TV for a bit, then we hung out by the pool. Now we're just about to enjoy pulled pork sandwiches for dinner. It all sounds very relaxed and laid back by normal standards, but for me it's a great change from the usual routine.


  1. you're just lucky the pink elephants made it to your new home and not in my suitcase ;-)


  2. That sure doesn't look like a Pulled Pork Samage in your hand there mister!!! Not to mention...Uh Hello!!! Pulled Pork Samage Flu!!!! when do you get the new wheels full time?? Ready for the "REAL" Mods now!!!

  3. Hey Andrew,

    The new apartment is starting to look 'lived in'. You look like you belong there. Debbie, it looks great!


  4. Now it looks like home with the martini glasses on the table. You obviously can still make these
    love Mom

  5. Excellent, I see that you have your home priorities straight! No doubt you haven't lost your touch...

    Um, and no, I won't be having any margaritas when the house warming party occurs...

  6. Don't forget Andrew, I've rented my house out for the annual party. Charges will be discounted but no refund on your deposit.