Monday, May 18, 2009

Back to business


After a nice relaxing Sunday spent with some great visitors, today was back to the usual routine. This morning was stretching, elbow pulling and a trip to the gym, and Debbie and I practiced getting into the Civic. It went good, and I didn't need a lot of help to get in. I also tried to take my chair apart and get it in the car as well. It was pretty tricky to get the wheels off, but once it was apart it went into the back seat without too much trouble. Mind you, in real life the steering wheel would be in the way so I'm sure it won't be so easy! The therapist was all worried about me scratching or hitting myself in the process, but I was more worried about scratching the poor car - and I did manage to put a little scrape on the doorframe unfortunately. This afternoon was some mat work and sitting balance.

We found out today that my elbow surgery has been delayed for a week to the 27th. I'm disappointed about that not only because it's a week delay, but also because my elbow is really starting to give me grief. This morning the flexion measured 80 degrees, down from the usual 90 degress that it's been for so long; that's a big chunk of movement gone, which is making it difficult to wheel the chair and do pressure reliefs. At least it will give me an extra week to work on other things that I can do, so once the elbow is done it will be that much quicker for me to be finished completely.


  1. Disappointed about the surgery being pushed back, too. That much longer til you're posting wheelie pictures.

  2. Yikes, I hope that wasn't the first scratch on the Honda...I can see the look on your and Deb's faces...

    Crap, sorry about the surgery resched, that sucks. Oh well, like you say, once it's done, you'll be more prepared to get moving once it's healed.