Tuesday, May 19, 2009

T minus 8 days


With my elbow acting up over the past few days, I'm glad we've been working on some less strenuous tasks. This morning I sat on a mat and took my wheelchair apart and put it back together; it went quite a bit better than the last time, and it's a bit easier from the mat than trying to lean out of the car and do it. For the rest of the wheelchair mobility hour I practiced wheelies, and the new chair has a pretty nice balance point - I managed more than five minutes in a wheelie, and I could have gone longer but I thought everyone was getting a bit bored. The chair has an adjustment for the center of gravity (by moving the wheels forward or backward) and I have to change that as it takes a good yank on the wheels to reach the balance point. Changing that makes it easier to lift the front wheels over a small obstacle in mid-roll, and having the wheels in the correct position is also easier on the shoulders and gives you the best leverage for straight rolling or going up a ramp.


  1. That adjustment for the center of gravity is neat.

    As we say in french: ''merde'' for the surgery!


  2. Glad to see you're demonstrating the proper "tongue-out" wheelie face! ;)

  3. And it's STILL about geometry, eh? Can you adjust for ride height? Any damping adjustments? Need some help with the preload?

  4. Now we all know the faces you were making on all the Cover shots!!! lol

  5. Nice to see haw well your doing.


  6. Hey, if you keep up those wheelies you might get drafted by Super Streetbike!

  7. 'Only' Five minutes ?

    Did the oil light come on or something ?

  8. You so set yourself up for those comments!
    Reminds me of someone I know.