Wednesday, May 20, 2009

T minus 7 days

Most of today was a fairly regular therapy day, but in the last session I learned a lot from one of the therapists (turns out she's the director of therapy for all of Casa Colina) that had come over from the hospital. Every two hours at night I have to be turned from one side to the other so that bed sores can't develop, and I've been struggling with how to do that by myself. The actual turning is not a problem, but rather how to do it without causing a 2.0 earthquake on the bed by flailing around and waking poor Debbie. We tried a couple of ways, and I was surprised - and happy - to find that I can lift my hips with my arms to shuffle from side to side. That means I can just shuffle over a bit and roll rather than sit up, use depression lifts to move over, lie down and then roll over. It's a small victory, for sure, but it's definitely an important step.


  1. There's always a way round if you try hard enough, keep going Love Mom

  2. ...well done yet again, Andrew!

    So glad that you're converging on a system that will work for you - sleep is so important.

    Good luck with the upcoming elbow procedure - we're thinking of you...


    -Pawlie & Libby.

    Santa Barbara.

  3. Step by step, take it easy , the next will be the back flip. ;-)

  4. Your attitude and drive are amazing and truely inspirational. Alot of us on have enjoyed your column for a while and hope that you keep it going, also we all send our wishes and prayers for your recovery.