Thursday, May 21, 2009



Today's outing was to the mall to practice riding the escalator. Yep, I went up an escalator in my chair, I couldn't believe it even as I was going up. After we went up the first level, a store clerk warned us that we shouldn't take our chairs up the escalator, we should use the elevator instead. We went up to the next level anyway, and a security lady followed and reprimanded us. She said that it's a liability issue and that someone could get hurt. One of the other patients, Brad - who, ironically, I work with and ended up here at the Casa at the same time as me - pointed out that "yeah, one of us could get paralyzed!" That really endeared us to the security lady, so we didn't attempt the downward trip.

After the mall we stopped at Home Depot to check out rails and shower heads for the bathroom and found some nice bits. With those installed, the apartment will be ready for me to come home. And soon, I'll hopefully get the OK to try an overnight stay.

This afternoon was another round of wheelchair fighting. I won, getting the chair apart and back together again while sitting on the mat. My poor chair is getting pretty beat up already, with scratches on the wheels and frame from being dragged across the ground. I have a feeling the chair is going to be like the beat up old pit bike that gets no love before too long.


  1. Nothing like a little well placed dark humour to brighten your day.


  2. Causing trouble again A.T., what a suprise, but mall cops...come on dude.

    BTY, that's what pit bikes are love'em until you blow them up, isn't that 1/2 the fun?!

    Let's grill up some food at the new pad on Sunday, unlike Canada, it's a law here in the states, you have to barbeque over the memorial day weekend.


  3. After looking long and hard at that photo, all I can say is, "Holy crap!"

    As far as your chair is concerned: Aren't stickers for covering scratches? With all the people you know all over the continent, you could get some pretty choice ones!


  4. Thanks for a good laugh, you made my day. I can just imagine you going up the escalator, I won't ask why you did not try coming down, you just might do it. Love mom

  5. I've been anxiously awaiting the first Andrew & Brad story! Tell me: Are there gracefully curving darkies trailing into every corner at Casa Colina yet?

  6. Leave it to Brad to piss off the security people...good to see some things haven't changed...

  7. Oh its gona get some love!! Just wait!! were gona pimp that baby out!!!