Friday, May 8, 2009

Good things come in threes


Admiring my new wheels.

It was an eventful day today, for sure. I started with an hour of driving, my second time in the Casa's car. We did a lot of freeway on/off ramps and it went okay. I'm still pretty rusty and made a couple of mistakes, but the controls are getting more comfortable with each time.

After the drive I got to try and handcycle, basically a tricycle that you pedal with your arms. Even though I just did a couple of circles in the parking lot it was great fun and something I'd like to try again.

Finally, this afternoon my new chair was delivered. It's super nice and I rolled around in it for a bit—it rolls really nice and fits good. It needs some adjustments before I can use it full time though, so for now they slipped me back into Spazz. Now I have to wait until next week to try it again!

About the only usual therapy I did today was an hour in the gym. My arms were so worn out from all the wheeling around earlier in the week that I didn't lift any weights, but Debbie gave me some nice stretches and I felt a lot better after.


  1. Hi, Andrew -

    Those are some nice lookin' wheels!

    Fancy low-profile jobbies, with what look like race bicycle spokes - nice!



    Santa Barbara, CA.

  2. Bitchin' wheels, Andrew!

    I can't believe that you've only had it a day, and you're already sending it out to be mean for "adjustments." So, what is it? Ceramic bearings? Stickier buns? Changes to the chassis attitude for quicker turn in? Come on! Fess up!


  3. Obviously you haven't lost your passion for all things 'wheeled'. Sounds like it was a great day. We'll send Stephen down to make the necessary adjustments to Spaz!

  4. Sweet! Is that the TiLite ZRA? Nice black spinergy wheels. Move the rear axle forward to perfect the balance and you won't believe how nice the chair works. That's a sweet rig that will allow you to do anything you want and act as an extension of your body. Keep moving forward.

    Darren Nixon

  5. What size are the front wheels? Can't see from the photos...

    Looks snappy, AT!

  6. Sweet new wheels! I'm with Evans: "adjustments", huh? Suuuure. ;) We all know you're having "speed holes" (thank you, Homer Simpson) drilled into the frame to reduce the weight and make it faster!

  7. I'm sure we can make space for a "project chair" feature in the mag somewhere... :D