Thursday, May 7, 2009

Field Trip!


The outing today was the hiking trail we intended to do a couple of days ago, and it went really well. The first part of the trail was downhill and I was dreading the going back up it, but it was not near as tough as I expected and we were back at the truck before I knew it. After that we went for lunch at Pizza N Such in downtown Claremont, Debbie and I had salads and a Hawaiian Pizza that was delicious.

It was back to reality after lunch, with stretching and balancing just to make sure I'm totally worn out for bed. Tomorrow I have another driving session, so if you live near the Casa stay off the roads between 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning!


  1. Stay away??!! Im comin looking for ya!! Im all up for the trading paint!!! sounds like time for Rental car derby!!! :) :) :) Oh I hope Hurtz doesnt read this!! lol
    Have a Great time at home on Sunday!! Im ready for your home cooking!! (well actualy, Debs Baking..) Not sure im comfortable with yur skillet skills...Now of course if I ever need a fancy foo foo drink!! I know your the man!! Hot Dogs?? Ya gota prove yurself there buddy!!! lol!!

  2. Hawaiian with some back-bacon eh...