Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not for the squeamish

This morning I had an appointment with the neurosurgeon that fixed my back, he was happy with everything and gave me the all clear. That filled up most of the morning, this afternoon it was more balance exercises and another try at fall recovery. Getting into my chair from the floor is not going to happen until my elbow is fixed. There are a couple of different techniques to accomplish that trick, but both require bending your elbows more than 90 degrees.

If you'd like to see inside my back, we took a picture of the CAT scan. It definitely rivals my elbow for number of screws and related hardware: The CAT scan.


  1. Hey Trev. Keep the Faith Buddy. Just took my Brother in for XRAYS at UCI today. He was told to start applying pressure to the leg.. Starts at 95 Pounds. here's wishing you a Full Recovery.

  2. holy crap, there's a car in your chest! :) keep up the hard work, you're an inspiration to many more than you'll ever know.

  3. That's a lot of hardware! Yours is an amazing story!

    Hey - can I ask a Geek question? When you did the R1 naked bike, where did you relocate the coolant reservoir to? I want to do my ZX10 naked but it looks ugly w/o fairings...

    Ray D

  4. It's the bionic man! Can you go through a metal detector like that?? LOL


  5. Looking at the CT, are you a T4 or T5/complete or incomplete at this point? Amazing to see your progress so far and wish that elbow wasn't hindering you. Hang in there.

    Darren Nixon