Monday, May 4, 2009

Right back at it

It was back to business as usual today: the fitness center in the morning, arm exercises and balancing in the afternoon. The sitting balance exercises went really well, I had to throw a basketball around and then use a plastic bat to hit a yoga ball. It was hard work but I went the whole hour with only losing my balance a couple of times and just a couple of short breaks.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day as there's a two-hour wheelchair mobility session, and the therapists are hoping to take us to a trail somewhere. From the beginning I've hoped that I'd still be able to do some sort of hiking, so it will be great to see how it goes.


  1. Knobbly tires on the wheelchair in the future then?

  2. I have a Very Hard time not going straight to your Story in the May Issue of Sport Rider Magazine. I too have seen the other side of the STORY.. The Aftermath. The Pain of not knowing what's going to happen to a Family Member after a Horrific Accident. My Brother was on the 91 Freeway on Feb 20th ( We're still looking for witnesses on What happened That Day. No one has stepped forward and they are Pointing fingers at the Rider. Communting to LA on the 91 Requires the Car Pool lane but when drivers cross the DOUBLE YELLOW, We have to react. Seems that the Guy in the Suburban wasn't paying attention. I want to wish you all the Best in your Recovery and I hope that you not Only Walk again but RUN as Long and as Far as you can. I look Forward to seeing you back on Two wheels and Back on the Track Heating it up! Regards, David Silva, Orange California.

  3. Hitting a yoga ball with a bat?? isnt that Sacreligous?? that should go against all the munks have taught you!! lol
    totaly down for the Moto wheels to get you on the trail!!! Sawlsaw time baby!! gona need some suspention for it too!!! (Hmmmmmmm,this could be good)!!

  4. E-Money... you need to go back to the Pepsi and doughnuts bro.

  5. Trevor,

    All the best. Physiotherapists are sadists (secretly), but they get the job done! ;-)

    Best Wishes to you and your wife,

    Hugh S

  6. Hey Trev, I know what you mean about wanting to still be able to hike. I loved to hike before my sci resulting from a tractor-trailer running over me and my 2007 Yamaha FZ1 one beautiful Saturday morning.

    I recently purchased (not yet received) a One-Off handcycle so I can go riding with my brothers and friends on their mountain bike excursions. If you've not seen one, check it out at .

    I hope things continue to improve for you. It's been 18 months for me and I can tell you that it certainly gets better and easier with time.