Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Not much to report today. There was no therapy, and I even slept in for a half-hour this morning. The highlight of the day was a Farmer Boys hamburger for lunch. I really needed the day off after last week, that's for sure. We noticed that there has been quite a few patients going home over the last couple of weeks, leaving me - aside from a couple of people that essentially live here - one of the "old timers".

I'm looking forward to this week, hopefully I'll get to practice a couple more transfers into the car, and once I've got that down Debbie can take me out for dinner or into town for an afternoon. That will be great. And as hard as it is, I'm sure I'll be doing more work toward fall recovery. Little steps on that one, but I'll get there.


  1. Andrew,
    You don't know me, but I feel like I know you!

    Bought your Suspension Tuning book about the time of your tip over, then later read about it. Thank you for a great book!

    Having followed this blog from the early days I felt it was time to let you know that you and your wife Debbie are truly amazing!

    Weird how a couple you never met can touch your heart in such a special way.

    Hope to meet you some day. Keep working hard friend.

    Kirk Carlos, Lummi Is WA

  2. Is a Farmers Boy Hamburger really a treat or a punishment ?

    Just kidding - I would guess that actually going out and doing 'normal stuff' is a massive thing.

    Keep up the good work, looking forwards to your next contribution in SR......

  3. Did $ bring you that burger ? If so, how did he get under the radar?

  4. got the's either dial in more pre-load or lose 10 lbs...i'm glad that you are in good spirits and progressing