Saturday, May 2, 2009

Month Three - Done!

Summer 2008.

At this point I'm at the long end of the 8-week to 12-week stay the therapists anticipated when I first came to the Casa. It's been pretty frustrating at times that it's taken so long (especially when my original goal was to complete the program in six weeks!) but as things progressed I gradually realized just how much plain hard work had to be accomplished. I've come an awful long way from rolling around on the prone cart, sitting in the chair for just 15 minutes at a time and needing almost 24-hour care.

This past week has been especially satisfying as I drove for the first time, started having my shower on the tub bench and had a positive report at the family conference. The light at the end of the tunnel is so bright right now I might have to start wearing sunglasses again!


  1. You should be shifter cart racing in a matter of months! It's amazing how far you have come, Andrew. Really impressive! I'm glad to see the therapists are pushing you hard towards being independent. Your hard work and great attitude continue to be an inspiration.

    Good on ya!

    Craig M.
    Castro Valley, CA

  2. Good thing that picture is black and white. We all had to wear shades when Andrew wore this tie dye shirt on our houseboat trip! Only Andrew could get away with it!!

  3. ...that's great news Andrew - you'll be home soon - keep up the amazing work!


    Santa Barbara, CA.