Friday, May 1, 2009

What a day what a day...

It seems like every day this week has been harder than the day before. Yesterday I though my arms were going to fall off after the parallel bar exercise, but today they had me do something even harder. I had to sit in long sitting just in front of a 2-inch mat, and then lift myself up and back onto the mat. The 2-inch lift was fairly easy, then I tried a 6-inch lift, which was a lot harder. To finish my arms off I did an 8-inch lift. Surprisingly, I managed it a couple of times before my elbow caught fire, and luckily it was at the end of the day. Just to make the whole hour even harder, this morning I upped all my weights at the gym since I need to work on my strength, so I was already worn out at the beginning of the session.

The parallel bar and lifting exercises are all aimed at fall recovery as an end result, so I'm happy to do them. And as sore as I was, I still rolled over to the cafeteria for a cappuccino to finish off the afternoon.


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