Thursday, April 30, 2009

We need more power, Scotty!

This afternoon we had the family conference with the therapists, essentially a report card on how things are going. My elbow is definitely holding me back from a couple of important tasks, like fall recovery, but I still need to be stronger as well and that will help. Looks like I'll have to ramp up on the weights at the gym starting tomorrow.

My release date depends a lot on when my elbow surgery happens and how well I recover from that, but we're hoping for sometime around mid-June if all goes well. As of today I've done everything I need to be able to do at least once (aside from fall recovery!) so it's a matter of getting stronger and practice, practice and more practice.


  1. Hi Trev,
    You're look good... sounds like everything is going well! Keep working hard! (it's Mei.. one of the therapist from Huntington Memorial)

  2. We'll get you strong A.T. It always motivates when you have a drill seargent yelling in your ear ;)


  3. Just read the entire blog from beginning to end. FANTASTIC!!!! Looks like you are well on your way to recovery. I love the positive attitude! The mental hurdles are usually the toughest to get over but it looks like you have that part conquered. Keep up the hard work, you are an inspiration.

  4. Ve..awe goink to pump you AAHP! We're going to be calling you a gym rat here pretty soon...

    Let us know when your elbow surgery comes up, we'll be sure to have some of Meg's home cooking ready for ya!