Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yes I Can

Cappuccino! After therapy treat.

Things started off good today, as I was able to have my shower on the tub bench for the first time as part of my daily routine and it went really well. I had been having trouble getting my legs in and out of the tub, but I even managed that part this morning.

This afternoon I practiced transferring between my chair and the mat with the mat a few inches higher. I did it once fine, but that pretty much wore me out and I had trouble after that. The hard part is that you have to lean forward to balance on your legs, and then lean forward even further, which naturally raises your butt, and then turn. It takes a lot of faith to balance and then lean over even more as it feels like you're going to fall right over. I'll be fine with some practice though.

1 comment:

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