Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Goin' Mobile

Today was my driving evaluation, it was pretty much like a driver's test at the DMV and took a couple of hours. There was a vision test, a neuropsych part and a short Q&A test, and then we went driving. We started in a parking lot, did some city driving and even went on the freeway for a short hop. The hand controls were no problem and fairly intuitive, but my actual driving is definitely a bit rusty. I'll get the report tomorrow and we'll see what the official result is.

An interesting new part of my therapy is playing the Wii video game, and that was a nice surprise. Ryan and I played tennis, baseball and bowling. He beat me pretty handily at tennis and baseball, but I won a couple of rounds of bowling.

We had an interesting visit from Medal of Honor winner and motivational speaker Mike Thornton today, he talked for an hour about his adventures in Vietnam and the circumstances that led to him earning the medal.


  1. Alfredo Paredes (Spain)April 29, 2009 at 1:19 PM

    Hi there.
    Is good to see you involved in new chalenging proyects. We all wish you the best and spect read you again in Sport Rider. By the way, Good
    work done in you book. I love it.

    Wish you and your family all the best.

  2. We have a Wii Uncle Andrew!!
    I suggest that you ask for Cooking Mama.
    you get to make meals.,
    and you pour the ingredients and cut everything up.
    its a fun game,.
    Even my mom couldn't figure it out!!
    Love ya.
    Erin xox

  3. I predict that soon you will be the one giving the motivational speeches!

  4. To me, this site is a motivation..
    Thanks, Andrew.

  5. ...well done Andrew - keep the progress comin' - we love to see it!


    -Pawlie, Libby, Penny, & Jasper.

    Santa Barbara, CA.