Monday, April 27, 2009

I've fallen and I can't get up...yet

Ironically, after my tipover yesterday one of the therapy sessions today was fall recovery. Rather than trying right away to get in the chair, the therapist had me try and get up from the floor to the mat on its lowest setting, about 20 inches up. There was no way it was going to happen today, I'm not strong enough yet and I can't bend my elbow enough to reach up and push on something high. Eventually, though.

That really tired me out, and along with that I went to the gym and did almost a full hour of sitting balance today, both are things that wear me right out. It doesn't matter though, I'm still feeling good after my trip home yesterday and that got me through most of the day.


  1. Mr. T, your inspirational powers never let up. Your daily exploits illustrate everything that is right within the human spirit.

    It will be great to see how quickly you progress, once your elbow is tuned to perfection.

  2. I agree with S.A. completely.

    You are the guy with a smile on his face... Except when you are a crew chief ;)


  3. AT, I'm tellin' ya, those front wheels on your chair are too small...I'm sure that's what contributed to your fall the other day. We need to get Kaz to take a look at that thing...

    BTW, Harry, Roy, and everyone over at HPCC said hello, and that you are welcome over there anytime.

  4. Andrew should be receiving his own chair soon.