Saturday, May 23, 2009

We busted outa here!

Our trip to downtown Claremont today went great, I got in and out of the car with no problems and Debbie is quickly becoming an expert at disassembling and assembling my chair. We had a great lunch at a sandwich shop, met up with Brad and a couple of people from work, and just wandered around for a bit. All the wheeling wore me out pretty good, but it was worth it for the day to ourselves.

Tomorrow: Home for the day! Homemade scones! BBQ!


  1. So glad you enjoyed your first 'date' in over 6 months! Soon, Andrew, soon...

  2. That must've been awesome, having everything go smooth, hanging out with your degenerate friends... a tangible feeling of impending freedom building with every new event.

    Some day soon, this blog and the Casa will fade into memories, the chair struggles will fade into minor daily challenges and the defining struggles on your mind will once again be: "What the heck do I write today!" or "Arrrgh Frackin Deadlines!"

    Myself and hundreds of other supporters share your desire for the arrival of that day.