Monday, June 15, 2009

Car transfers: check!

It's been a busy couple of days with more good progress. Sunday I was home for the day; Debbie and I marked out where the rails go in the shower, and the apartment people will install them hopefully tomorrow. Eric came over and chopped the legs off the bed so that it's level with my chair. If my benches come in this week, I'll be all set to stay overnight this Saturday. Conveniently, this Saturday is also the next meeting of the cocktail club!

Today I had a bit of trouble getting up curbs in the hour we tried. A lot of it is just being committed and charging the curb and I just have to grit my teeth and do it; lately, though, I've been a bit timid in the chair. Still, the day ended on a high note as I got in and out of the driver's side of the Civic without help. Not only that, I took apart the chair and brought it in after me, then unloaded it and reassembled it. That's a first for me, and something I didn't think I was quite ready for so it was a nice surprise that I could do it.


  1. Suprised at what?? what the hell you talkin bout Willis?? You da man!! Aint nothin you cant do!!! Ive seen you in action! Once a Tre'V, Always a Tre'V!! Which means Ain no Curb high enough, Aint no Valley low enough, aint no river wide enough...Oh wait...Im thinkin im thinkin of a song??!! where was I?? Oh..Damn Tre'V..the only thing that would suprise me is you not doing something!! Cause I know you can Do ANYTHING!! You da man Tre'V!! You Da man!! (now if you waad flyin up a curb cause you feel all empowered right now..Dont blame me!! You never listen to me!! lol) :)

  2. Good job on the chair Andrew. Just keep chargin' the curbs man. "You can do eet!"

  3. Haven't you figured out yet Andrew that you have been able to accomplish anything you have put your mind to?! We've all figured it out. Your list of things you need to find a way to do is getting shorter because of your determination. We're proud of how hard you are working to get home.

  4. One step closer to independance!

    Next step: mastering the Hummer!


  5. Well said Susan, Andrew you should know that we are all behind you pushing you up and over that curb, you just have to hold your mouth right, and count to three. Works every time. You get top marks for in and out of the car, I couldn't do it Love you Mom