Friday, June 19, 2009

Rehab Highway Gets Rough

This week started out with high hopes and big plans for Andrew’s first overnight stay at home, unfortunately the twists and turns to recovery can be unpredictable and the weekend plans started to go south by Tuesday afternoon. I was at home supervising the final modification to the bathroom when I called to see how the man’s morning therapy went. All was well although he did say he felt tired which I didn’t find unusual. One hour later I receive a call from our caseworker telling me that Andrew was on his way to the Pomona Valley Hospital in an ambulance. What happened? The details were fuzzy but apparently he was showing signs of infection and they wanted Andrew to see his urologist as soon as possible. Ironically he was scheduled to see his doc on Wednesday.

Nearly eight hours later Andrew finally saw his doctor and was admitted to the hospital to address two problems: one a torn urethra, the source of problem two, infections. This evening Andrew under went a minor surgery, compared to the others, to hopefully help the complicated problem of his torn urethra. As for the infection I assume they’re taking it seriously because they've assigned an infectious diseases doc to the case and Andrew is now on a potent cocktail (not the kind he likes) of antibiotics. He will be on an IV for an undetermined amount of time. Although TLC does not allow clients with IVs we are working with Casa Colina to get Andrew back to therapy stat.

- deb


  1. I've been wondering what happened the last couple days since no posts were made. Set backs are unfortunate and suck. just when things seemed to be going so well. hopefully this set back is short lived and he's back to make big progress quickly. thoughts are always with you guys.

  2. Crap! Another roadblock to knock down. We're thinking of you both. Get well soon Andrew, being home is just around the corner!

    Pete and Jenny

  3. The challenges continue. It's nearly impossible to put ourselves in your place, but please know that your legions of industry supporters are with you in spirit and cheering you on with our every thought. You're pretty tough (for a skinny guy) so we all know you'll be back on the road in no time. As always, if you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to indicate.

  4. Debbie, thanks for the update. I'm so sorry to hear about this setback, but know that Andrew's strength and determination will help him get back to rehab -- and home -- soon. I'm sending you both great thoughts for a speedy recovery and homecoming.


  5. Andrew,

    Best wishes from NJ and hoping for a speedy recovery from this setback.

  6. There are hordes of us out here who find ourselves worried about a guy that we've never met, but who has become an important part of our lives through helping us set up our bikes, and through this blog, a very personal window generously opened for us. Our days aren't complete with an update about the latest hurdle overcome, or the new trick with the chair. Thanks Deb, for the update, and thank you both for what you've done and will continue to do for this community of 2 wheeled nuts.

  7. We've discovered thru all of this that the community of '2 wheeled nuts' mentioned above all have the biggest hearts!

  8. Andrew & Deb,

    So sorry to hear about all of that.

    But rest assured that the docs will get everything fixed-up again right quick, and you'll be back on-course for that first home stay. I know they're very good at dealing with infections these days, and please know that we're all out here pulling for you (both).

    All the best,

    -Pawlie & Libby.

    Santa Barbara, CA.

  9. Hope things are getting better!!

  10. Just sending positive thoughts your way, Deb & Andrew.