Thursday, June 25, 2009

How many days?

Every good hospital stay deserves a beard.

Not much new to report today other than I'm feeling better every day and getting back to strength. I did all the mat transfers on my own, managed some sitting balance while throwing a ball around, dressed myself and did my own stretching. Now it's a matter of buckling down and finishing off the things I need to do. The one thing that will take the longest is fall recovery, but my elbow is coming along well enough that I'll be ready to try it in the next couple of weeks. It's an important step for me and not just because I'll be able to get in my chair if I fall out. Getting in and out of the pool at home also means getting in and out of the chair, to and from the ground. So, no swimming at home for me until that's sorted.


  1. Andrew!
    Its MarkB in Georgia, was thinking about you and found the blogspot....very glad to read some of your updates.
    Just so you know, I am feeling a little weak myself. I foolishly double booked last saturday; I went waterskiing in the morning then drove to an airfield saturday to do a tandem skydive from 15,000ft..... I landed a little heavily, so my legs have been a bit funny since (but getting better I think). Then sunday I handcycled 40 miles and got sunburned shoulders......
    Basically, you better hurry up and rehab or you're gonna miss out on the fun...!
    stay in touch,

  2. Look'n good brotha!

  3. Please don't tell me that this is going to be the return of 'Punkinhead'!!

  4. No way Jose on the Punkinhead, AT! You're out of that jacked-up hospital (the term "hospital" used loosely) you were imprisoned at, so it's time to shave off the brillo pad. Otherwise, I've got some spark plugs that need cleaning...

  5. Oh I could use that to clean my sparkplugs too!! Ahhhhh who we kiddin!! I never work on my bike!!! lol Gettin ready for the 09 from Kento :)