Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Starting over?

Preparing for the real world. Applying for a handicap placard for the car.

Things are progressing nicely now, and at a whole different rate than pre-elbow and pre-infection. Today, for example, I wanted to try uneven transfers, something I struggled with before. Right away it went well, and I could get from my chair to the mat with a five-inch difference in height. We tried six inches, but I couldn't quite do it. I've got a lot more stamina in the chair too, which is good as I've implemented a "no push" rule, forcing myself to do all the ramps and doors on my own.

In addition to the uneven transfers today, I went to the gym, did some free weights for my arms, got the elbow stretched and had a bean-bag toss with one of the therapists. Last week the bean bags got a bit out of control, it was me against two therapists, me balancing on the mat with two-pound weights wrapped around my wrists and throwing with my bad arm. Eventually they had to use the medicine ball to tip me over, so my balance is improving as well. It's war now, though!


  1. Looks like you're getting meat on your arms again, too! With your no push rule, you'll get them in even better shape in no time.


  2. glad to hear things are progressing along well after the couple set backs. hope the overnight stay happens and goes well this weekend.

    also, i like your monkey hanging on the divider in the background of this pic. i used to have one of them when i was a kid. seeing that brought back memories.

  3. Happy Canada Day eh!
    Looking good Andrew!
    P xoxo

  4. That's Wilbur the monkey. He cheers people up becase he's so ugly. LOL


  5. You're amazing, man! Following your progress has been inspiring. Keep up the great work!

  6. ...excellent, excellent, excellent - so glad to hear it!

    Keep up the great work, Andrew...


    -Pawlie & Libby.

    Santa Barbara, CA.