Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Making headway

It's been yet another good day with some steady progress. I've gained a few degrees of movement in the elbow and some more strength, and that makes a lot of things easier. Today we worked on uneven transfers again, and I had the person helping me set up the chair and mat just like our couch at home - the couch is a few inches lower than the chair. That went well, so I'm a little more confident to get on the couch for this weekend. The highlight of the day though was working on the steps toward fall recovery. I surprised myself by being able to back onto a 16-inch pile of bolsters and mats. That's just about the same height I'll need to lift myself from the footrest of the chair up to the seat without its cushion, so I'm well on the way to having that covered before I go home permanently.


  1. Help....I've fallen and I...wait....hey, I CAN get up!

    AT, your progress and endurance continue to amaze me.

  2. Full steam ahead!

    Have a great weekend at home.


  3. Mark Twain said, 'It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog'! Your 'fight' is huge Andrew! Almost there.


  4. Tre'V!! Your the man as usuall!!! Glad you get the sleepover this weekend!! Cant wait to hear all ABOOT it!! eh!! Darn!! I still cant shake this Canadian accent!! haha!!! eh!! See!! there it goes again!!! Talk to ya soon!!