Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nineteen Days

Wheeling down the street for an after-dinner stroll

The last couple of days leading up to my overnight stay at home were pretty busy. In therapy we practiced a couple of car transfers, uneven transfers and wheelchair mobility. After therapy each day I was cramming in as much CPM time as I could as I'm going a couple of days without right now. My elbow and overall strength are coming along well, and I think the progress is putting me on track to come home on the 23rd.

I got home yesterday (Saturday) just after lunch time, and Debbie and I relaxed most of the afternoon. We went for a walk/roll after dinner and watched some TV - nothing too exciting. The first night in my own bed in almost eight months went well for me, but I don't think too good for Debbie. I was hoping that I'd be able to turn myself every couple of hours but I needed help every time. That's something I'll have to work on this week at the Casa for sure. All the morning work went pretty well and now I'm ready for another day. It's great to be home!


  1. ...well done - that's a big milestone, Andrew - congrats!

    Glad to hear the elbow is doing well, and we're sure you'll work out the nighttime turnovers - keep up the great progress!


    -Pawlie & Libby.

    Santa Barbara, CA.

  2. Good deal! Been waiting to see how you carry on at home for longer periods. I'm sure you can't wait to get to life healed up as well as you can be.

  3. I'm confident you'll get the nightly turnovers handled. At least Deb doesn't have to put up with the snoring that Meg does when I sleep after working late at the office...

    Glad to hear your progress is going well, and that you were able to spend a good weekend at home!