Monday, July 6, 2009

I've fallen, and I CAN get up!

I surprised myself today by getting in my chair from the floor, not once but three times even. Now I can check fall recovery off my list of things to do, and I'm really happy about that. It actually went a lot smoother than I thought, and it was easier to get myself up to the chair than it was an equal height of bolsters as the chair has a couple of solid things to grab onto. My deal with the therapist was that if I was able to manage it I'd get to pick the outing for the week. My choice? To the Sears store in the mall to buy some tools, of course!

After a lot of flailing around in bed last night I was able to turn myself for the first time, another thing to be checked off the list. My bed here has an air mattress that makes it tricky to move around on, so if I can turn in bed here I should be able to do it at home.


  1. I know you are counting the days....or are you down to counting to the 23rd in hours now?! Today was a big day for checking things off of your list. Huge congrats!


  2. ...yaaaaaaaaay!

    Well done - that's so great to hear, Andrew.

    And the 23rd's comin' - only two (and a bit) weeks to go - how cool is that?



    Santa Barbara, CA.

  3. Congratulations Andrew. Keep persisting bud! – Thinking of you daily.


  4. Hey can you pick me up a 1,134 piece tool kit while yur at Sears?? and not one of them with the 450 piece allen keys in it either!! lol!!
    Ricky bobby and I are stoked for ya!!! I hear him working on another prayer!!! lets hope he keeps yur mom and the station wagon outa this one!!! lol
    See ya soon homie!!!
    P.S. Fontana Fastrack is this weekend if you wana come help out us Canadians for one of the days?? We'll bring Donuts!!! :)

  5. There is no such thing as ''too many tools''. It's the male equivalent to shoes for the girls! But it is a lot more interesting...

    Happy shopping!


  6. Woo-hoo. Never been so happy to see you down (but then up again)! Great job, AT.

  7. Congratulations! Having just read your book, it's especially encouraging to hear you're headed to get more tools :)

  8. Great news! Can't wait to welcome you to the neighborhood.

    So, I gotta know: What modification to your chair will the tools be for? It can only stay stock for so long!


  9. good news..

    regards from NJ

  10. The plastic hinges on my 183 piece Craftsman portable tool attache' have gone... too much dragging on pit stall asphalt. So be a dear would you, and get me a new case? Ever try to pick-up 50 sockets and various wrenches from the nether regions of a cold concrete garage floor? Yes, well then you know how much I need a new case now, don't you?

    On an unrelated note, hey man good for you! Your journey up an exceptionally long, exceptionally steep road has been inspiring, to say the least.