Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Morning meds


Every morning after breakfast and before therapy, I get this rainbow of pills. Fish oil for my skin, a cranberry supplement to help ward off bladder infections, an anti-inflammatory for my elbow, something for my stomach to reduce the damage the anti-inflammatory can do, and a pill to reduce the bone growth in my elbow. There are more pills at lunchtime, dinnertime and before I go to bed. At bedtime, I get the extra treat of rubbing a testosterone gel on my belly. I don't get three wishes, however.

This morning we tried a couple more car transfers with the Civic, I managed to get in along with the chair in around six minutes, and get out in eight minutes. Overall that's about five minutes quicker than last time, so it's getting better. The outing this week is to go car shopping, more for the people with power chairs that need a conversion car or van to ride into, but I'm looking forward to peeking in some different cars to see how the seats line up with the chair and how much headroom is available to get the chair in. Once I get home we'll have to start car shopping seriously, as it's practically the only way to get to the office from home. Ten more days!


  1. Hi Mr T,
    just catching up on your progress, you are doing great Andrew,just ten days to home.
    Glad you got the parcel OK, I hope you enjoy
    the books.
    We are off for a long weekend tonight (wednesday)
    Keep up the brilliant work bro.Contact you soon.
    regards to Deb
    Barry & Jan

  2. I think you need a Hayabusa sidecar rig. You roll the chair right up and ride it from there. I'm sure I've seen something like that Somewheer on the Net

    Alan Burns
    From Canada EH!

  3. AT stacking the juice, who knew? Just don't plan on passing any piss tests if you decide to start racing that chair.

    We could always rig up some hand controls to my FD3S Mazda, that'd get you to work right quick!

    Glad to see your progress. When's the housedamage...I mean housewarming party?

  4. Hey, Geek, It's soo awesome to see you doing so well...It's also good to see you back to normal in your columns in SR! I agree with Kento, start racing the chair!

    Get well soon,

    Cheers from a faithful SR reader,