Thursday, July 16, 2009


Photo credit: Daniel the Casa Colina Tech.

The outing today was supposed to be to look at cars, but at the end of the day yesterday they asked a couple of us spinal cord clients if we'd like to go on a sailing outing with some of the brain injury people. Our group headed down to Long Beach this morning with the Outdoor Adventures crew, who offer a whole slew of different activities for disabled people. We split up onto three boats, and I ended up on a 20-footer with a volunteer captain that has the same kind of boat himself. We went all the way from the marina out to the Queen Mary as there was plenty of wind, and it was a great trip. It was nice to do an activity that didn't require a whole lot of wheeling around, the crew lifted me onto the boat and I sat up front and worked the jib sheet for the trip.


  1. What a fantastic outing Andrew, far better than looking at cars. you never have a dull moment do you, love Mom

  2. Nice day on the water is definitely better than a lota of things i can think of...

  3. "Umm, seriously, you know you could gain a few knots per hour by going to a carbon fiber jib, right? We're getting blown off by that boat over there..."

  4. Just in case Kento's comment got your competitive juices flowing...

    Check out this paralympic sailing boat. It requires one able-bodied female for crew, by the way. Hmmm. This could be you, man.