Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shouldn't that hurt?

The day after our sailing trip I discovered a bit of sunburn on my leg. It's the only place I missed with sunscreen and it looks like a good burn. One of the misconceptions a lot of people have, even workers in the hospital, is that I'll feel something if it's really painful. But in fact there's nothing at all from below my sternum - I don't feel the sunburn and wouldn't feel it even if I, say, broke my leg. It means I have to be real careful about running into walls with my feet, scalding my legs with hot water in the shower, and things like that.

I'm at home this weekend again, Debbie picked me up at the Casa yesterday afternoon and we'll head back tomorrow evening. We don't have any big plans as Debbie has a bit of a cold. I'm perfectly happy just lazing around though! Next weekend will be weird as once I get home on Friday I will be home for good. What will I do with myself?


  1. "What will I do with myself".
    A.T., I'd be sitting by the pool doing some writing and enjoying the view.

  2. I'd say it's more like "enjoying the entertainment", considering the type of people that supposedly frequent the pools at the Trevitt's new digs...

    Six more days, bruddah!

  3. Looking forward to your next story in SR

  4. "What will you do with yourself?"...hmmm...colaborate with Kento on ways to pick on Siahaan once your back in the office?!?! Once again, soo happy to see you doing excellent, and keep the awesome writing coming!


  5. ...indeed, we're hoping to see you knuckle-down and get back to work on the next issue of Sport Rider!

    All hail the return of The Geek...


    All the best,


    Santa Barbara, CA.

  6. ...home for good. What will I do with myself?

    Hmmm, lesseee here...
    do the dishes,
    straighten up that closet,
    fold all those damn Tee shirts,
    ready her favorite cocktail in anticipation of your wifes arrival home from Yoga. ;-)

    Congratulations on what I'm sure will be a momentous occasion!!

    I've got a few projects over here that... ;-)

    J. Andyrew

  7. I've been counting down the days to when Andrew gets to pick on me again! :)

    Lookin forward to the housewarming party! Congrats AT.