Monday, July 20, 2009



We had a relaxing weekend at home, staying in all day Saturday and only venturing out to Whole Foods for some supplies on Sunday. I have trouble staying out in the heat for a long time, and it was plenty warm at home. All the morning and evening work went well, and every time we go through it we are finding ways to make it easier and quicker. I'm getting more comfortable with some of the transfers, and got myself out of bed and in the chair while Debbie wasn't even looking once. The turning at night is getting better, but it's still a lot of flailing around. I've been trying all kinds of different things here to make it easier, and hopefully it won't be long before I've got that sorted.

Debbie snapped this picture while I was waiting for her to bring the car to the front door of the Casa, we've been gradually cleaning out my room and taking stuff home so that on Friday we're not cramming everything in the poor Civic. Only four more days!


  1. Great to see that there gonna "turf you out"

    Time for some fun!

  2. ...well done, Andrew - great job!

    If you listen quietly, that's us - cheering you on, from all the way up here in Santa Barbara...


    -Pawlie & Libby.

  3. enough to make my cry

  4. Is that Curious George!?
    Your new life is just around the corner... :-)

    J Andrew

  5. closer to home...cheering you on from NJ

  6. Ditto on the tears to the eyes.